This page contains all unsolved mysteries in the AppSir universe, listed under their respective topics. When a mystery is solved, remove it from this page and update relevant pages accordingly, with sources.


What is the nature and purpose of this game (Yanna mentions that it's made with alien tech)?

Why was it distributed in 1984 (especially considering the nation-wide video game ban in effect at the time)?

Lilith's Brother

What is his name?

What was his life like before he encountered the TriNemesis in the mansion?


Why was the TriNemesis in there? Why did it give the tumor-like device to him?

Who else haunts this mansion? How/why did they die?

Proxima B

How was the world introduced to Proxima B, and what did they discover?

Rotschstein Institute

Why did Lilith give the source code of DE**.EXE to Darius, a kid, in 1999?

What does the brother’s "tumor" medicine actually do (perhaps downloading Kara)?

Who is Bijuu, and what’s his role in the Institute?


In The Last Yandere, Kara mentioned being part of the earth's consciousness, or "the resonance." Is this referring to Shumann Resonances? What is its connection to "the digital world"?


Why did it give the tumor-like device to Lilith's brother?


Who are/were Venice's parents (she calls Lilith her aunt, and Lilith reminded Venice of when "your uncle entered that mansion." So, one of Venice's parents must be a sibling to Lilith and her brother.)?

What is the nature of Venice’s “little sorority”? Are their rituals, etc., mostly made up to convince the other sisters? Is it all a front sponsored by Lilith to further the Institute's research of the mansion/TriNemesis?

What are the "Guidestones" she alluded to in Sorority Rites?

Yandere Program

Why was the Yandere program terminated?

Who was Kia’s senpai?

Who wrote The Other Yandere, which contains a lot of info about the Institute, the Family, and the Yandere Program? Why did they sell that info to Darius?
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