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This wiki is made by an AppSir fan, for AppSir fans. This site aims to be the most comprehensive online resource for everything related to the fictional AppSir universe. To find a page in this wiki, use the search bar on the upper right corner of this page. Otherwise, you can browse the pages using the sidebar on the right.

We currently enjoy a small yet dedicated community that is now almost entirely gathered on Discord. A few dozen fans have gathered on a couple of AppSir Amino Apps, while others like to theorize on the comment sections of AppSir, Inc.'s YouTube videos. AppSir, Inc. itself has a presence on many platforms (some are more active than others, but all are listed below for reference).

A list of current, unknown mysteries is kept on the Mysteries page.;
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A full list of the most recent rollout plan for AppSir game releases can be found here.

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About the Logo

The logo design is inspired by the Library of Babel, a concept created by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. The Library of Babel is an impossible structure that has no end, and contains every possible book that could be written with English letters. Not only do the hexagonal rooms coordinate with a key aspect of the AppSir visual brand, it is also indicative of the AppSir narrative itself: A series of individual stories and moments that make up a complex structure, going deeper than the eye can see, containing many facets of truths and delusions. Everything is connected, and the AppSir Wiki aims to be the definitive digital location of all knowledge of AppSir games and the stories they contain. Enjoy your journey, and try not to get lost...