AppSir Timeline

This is a comprehensive timeline for the AppSir universe.

All events take place in the Philippines unless otherwise noted.



PROGENITOR DERE was originally launched in only a handful of arcades in Manila, Philippines. Arcade cabinets housing the game were soon recalled and destroyed.

1984 or 1985


Nancy Guerrero and Dr. Rotschstein work together on a project called PROTO DERE, which involved trapping Sara Gentner's consciousness inside the game.



Venice born this year, Myles Stone born on August 1995, Yanna Curtis also likely born this year.


May 19, 1999
Darius Immanuel Guerrero creates his original AppSir website, and posts a welcome message to all visitors.
"Hello internet people! Welcome to my site! Boo Ya! Gonna make awesome games for the new millenium!"

June 2, 1999
Meets someone unusual. Posts a beckoning skull GIF jokingly or out of suspicion.
"Huh. Weird person."

June 6, 1999
Darius receives the source code for DERE SOURCE (then labeled DE**.EXE). Seems to trust the “weird person” enough now. (See also the June 6, 1999 video footage posted on the AppSir YouTube channel.)
"Trying out my new friend's game for the first time. I think she made it herself. She's all that."

June 7, 1999
Looks through DERE SOURCE, decides to take an internet poll to determine the missing two letters (DERE, DEXE, DEZE, or DESE).
"I got the game yesterday! There's a PC Version and then there's a version where it's for. I forgot which gaming machine. The game, It's... strange. AND TOO HARD TO PLAY! But the files contain a lot more pictures and characters than I see in the game itself. It's been abandoned by the creator (the one that gave it to me) and I promised I can finish it. The creator said yes! The CD was given to me with a label DE**.EXE. The asterisks letters are smudged. So I guess we're going to have a poll on what to call the game and fill up the missing letters."

June 11, 1999
More tests on the game.
"The game is rage-inducing. I like it. I will do more tests."

June 14, 1999
Game copied and edited to create a cartoonish prototype. Notices that the two copies are connected somehow.
"I copied the game and edited it to make it look more cartoony. I like this cartoony prototype. It's strange though. It feels like they are connected. When I change the files in the bare version, the cartoony version changes as well."

June 16, 1999
Made a GIF of the cartoony platform character.
"Finally! I got to make a gif of the character. Why does he/she look sad?"

July 6, 1999
Apparently got an error message on computer while working. The GIF shared with the following quote showed someone working on a computer until a blue screen flashed on with the message: “This program has performed an illegal operation”.
"This picture represents what happened to me today."

August 21, 1999
Darius’ birthday, some musings and discoveries about .exe files.
"It's my birthday! Rewatched The Lost World Jurassic Park with my friends. Also, I found out I didn't have to call my project with a '.exe game' because .exe is a file type. but I think it rolls of the tongue better. It also sounds so high-tech! Too bad I didn't get to finish my project De** .exe (missing letters are to be determined in the poll below)."

August 30, 1999
Making progress on the platforming character. Considers making him a knight.
"I did made the character less sad, I think. I copied how it looks in the first iteration. Just the eyes left. Need to work on it more. Maybe turn him or her into a knight or something. Hope I can release this someday. You can still vote for the title in the poll at the bottom of the site!"

September 15, 1999
Poll concludes, with “DERE” winning. Decides the sequel will be “DERE EVIL.EXE” because he likes the title of another game.
"I think Dere .Exe is a good name. And the sequel shall be Dere Evil .exe. I just finished playing Resident Evil 2 and I think this game's title can remind me of the good times. Hope I can launch this game soon."

September 28, 1999
Sees strange glitches on computer, thinks he may have been hacked. Will take a break from working on his game.
"I've been getting some weird errors. I think I may have been hacked. I'm going to have to stop working on my game for a while. Maybe until I get a computer with Windows ME."

October 10, 1999
Discovers the existence of an Atari version of DERE SOURCE, though the cover suggests the game's title to be DEMO.ATR. At the bottom of this cover is "Program & Audiovisual [copyright] 1980 Rotschstein." Suspects an NES version exists as well.
"I just saw an Atari cover and I think there's a NES version out there..."

December 1999
The Other Yandere, the first game created by Darius, was to be released on Sega Genesis (Mega Drive). It was never released then, for some reason, but it was published online on April 23, 2018, to be played on a Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) emulator. The events depicted in this game occurred earlier in 1999, and Darius made the game out of the info he found. Kara is 14 years old at this time. Called The “Other” Yandere, to emphasize that Kia felt left out.


(No known events in the timeline.)



June 30, 2014
Lilith’s brother visited mansion and received TriNemesis “gift” by now. Yanna Curtis killed, haunting the mansion with others. Dr. Rotschstein takes a tour of the mansion and gets paranormal data on Yanna (Sorority Rites House Tour).

July 7, 2014
All yanderes except Kara destroyed by now. Myles Stone convinced by Venice to spend a night at the mysterious mansion and meets Yanna. Myles dies in the mansion (likely by the TriNemesis). Venice killed by Yanna for revenge the day after Myles dies.

August 16, 2014
Fourty days after Yanna’s revenge on Venice, she and Myles get “sucked into” DE**.EXE.

Approx. 2015
Darius met Jack Stone, father of Myles Stone, thinks bringing Myles back will help Jack. Jack moved to America sometime between now and July 3, 2018.


February 2017
AppSir, Inc. founded in the Philippines.

Late 2017
Darius quit his job as Regional Training Manager for the Philippine government to release a game based on DERE SOURCE. (Source: Sep. 4, 2018 Twitter post by Darius Guerrero.)

November 18, 2017
The events shown in The Last Yandere occur. That is, Lilith’s brother “cured of his tumor,” Kara downloaded into the brother’s brain, the TriNemesis leveled a city. Fire in a building (from the destruction in the TriNemesis incident; Source), in which Darius’s copy of DERE SOURCE was found. It was a corrupted disk containing Kara, Myles, and Yanna, but the game worked just fine in spite of the fire.


February 7, 2018
DERE.EXE released on iOS, Android, and PC. By now, Darius is well aware of Yanna and Myles in his games. Kara fights back. Darius deletes her.

April 23, 2018
AppSir publishes the demo ROM for The Other Yandere online. Releases a video on their YouTube channel showing the entire game.

May 21, 2018
Version 1.4 of DERE EVIL.EXE submitted to the App Store. Approved the next day. But, to Darius’ dismay, Yanna’s head was visible in Level 1. He submitted version 1.5 immediately.

May 29, 2018
Darius distraught and stressed by the lack of response from the App Store regarding version 1.5 of DERE EVIL.EXE. Not eating or sleeping well. Angry at Yanna. Saw Myles hanging around Level 2.

June 8, 2018
AppSir posts video footage from June 6, 1999 on their YouTube channel, giving context on the origin of DERE EVIL.EXE.

Late June/Early July 2018
Clint and Ava get married (sometime before DERE EVIL.EXE is released, according to Darius).

July 3, 2018
DERE EVIL.EXE released on iOS, Android, and PC. Yanna and Myles fight back against Darius's attempts to delete them.

July 2018
Ava is hired at AppSir in early to mid-July, and starts work on AIVA. After a few months of marriage she becomes obsessed with the project (Source: Communication with Darius).


 January 2019
An original cartridge of a lost, unreleased NES game, PROTO DERE, is discovered and later released to the public by AppSir, Inc.

July 8, 2019
Eunice Natasha briefly commemorates the 5-year anniversary of Venice's death in one of her videos on VidSir.

Late July 2019
Clint cripples and then kills Ava after his mind was affected by alcohol, months of frustration, and a fair amount of interaction with AIVA.
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