Style Guide

This page lists specific rules regarding grammar and style on the AppSir Wiki. If an issue is not addressed on this page, refer to the Chicago Manual of Style [Editor's Note: Might use another style guide. When a style guide is chosen, link to it.]

  • Titles of single works (like video games) are italicized. An exception to this is when a reference is made to the title itself.
    • Myles and Yanna appear in DERE EVIL.EXE.
    • Myles and Yanna appear in DERE EVIL.EXE.

    • The disk had missing letters, which is why it is known as “DE**.EXE,”

  • This wiki uses the Oxford comma. Fight me. (Please don't though, really.)
  • When quoting from another source, leave in original grammar, capitalization, usage, etc., unless meaning of the quote is obscured as written. In this case, corrections should be made and surrounded by brackets to show corrections were made for clarity.
    • "Please handle with care darius."
    • "It's [not] a glitch, it's a feature."
    • "Me and [Yanna] found an old bed to sleep on." (If the original quote from Myles said "Me and Myles...")
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