To-Do List

This page contains a list of items and features that would greatly improve the AppSir Wiki in terms of appearance and organization once I migrate all the articles I've written. These items are listed below in order of general importance. Any assistance with these items is appreciated.
  • Create the following pages:
    • Artificial Iridescence
    • Ava
    • Clint
    • AIVA
    • Tristan
  • Update the following pages: 
    • AppSir, Inc.
    • AppSir Timeline
    • Eunice Natasha (formerly E.N.)
  • At least one image for each character and game (only use images and screenshots from AppSir games, not fan-made art or thumbnails)
  • Citations and sources implemented for each page, where applicable
  • AppSir icon implemented somewhere
  • Rotating quotes from the games (just a fun idea; might be cool to have a different quote at the top or bottom of the page each time it changes or refreshes)

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