AppSir, Inc.

AppSir, Inc. is a game development company based in the Philippines. It was officially founded on February 2017, although Darius Guerrero has used the pseudonym “AppSir” since 1999.

Darius went on with his life since that year, but the concept of AppSir resurfaced at around 2015 when he met Daphne Ayala, and he wanted to create a mobile game for her. Since then, AppSir has grown to become a rising force among indie developers, especially in the Philippines.

Before the company was incorporated in February 2017, it was known as AppSir Studio. In late 2016, the studio took third place in the Eyesee Award contest in New York, behind to larger and far more prestigious companies: Jagger & Jones and Velvet. Around that time, Jagger & Jones was hired to help in the design of DERE EVIL.EXE, but when Trevor Jagger (connected with The Family and the Rotschstein Institute) modified the game's prototype for his own purposes, AppSir Studio distanced itself from the agency and the Institute.

By November 2017, AppSir, Inc. had at least two office buildings in their country. However, as shown in The Last Yandere, one of those buildings was destroyed by the TriNemesis under the direction of the Institute. This attack occurred shortly after one of AppSir's employees, Mia, was killed. In the following year, Darius has continued his work to create a game from DE**.EXE, and the company has several more games announced, including The Last Yandere 2 and DERE Vengeance. A full list of the most recent rollout plan for the games can be found here.

After the success of DERE EVIL.EXE, AppSir started work on a new AI: AIDEN. But one of their employees, Ava, was working on another AI she felt would be even better: AIVA. As Ava worked more closely with her supervisor, Tristan, the two of them ended up having an affair. Ava was killed soon after her husband found out, and AIVA is now under the care and protection of Ava's husband, Clint.

More information about the founding and development of AppSir, Inc. can be found on the company’s official website or Darius' 1999 website.
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