The Family

The Family is a group of people who believe they are descendants of powerful historical figures and/or an alien bloodline. With the belief that because their ancestors were rulers, pharaohs, kings, and queens, they had the right to rule the world. Their ultimate goal is to reduce the world’s population to a few million and to establish a single government over them all.

In The Other Yandere, Kia discovers the goals of The Family, and reveals them in the game. This information was written and sold to Darius Guerrero anonymously.

In 2014, Lilith, a member of The Family, as well as the Rotschstein Institute, sponsored Venice’s sorority to get them to send unwitting human subjects into the mansion with the TriNemesis. At that time, Venice said to another sorority sister, “We’ve been at this for decades. The family is pleased with our progress.” It seemed this research effort was spurred by Lilith's brother's visit to the mansion, back when he was officially part of The Family (before he lost his memory).

In late 2016, Trevor Jagger, co-founder of Jagger & Jones and a member of The Family, modified a prototype of DERE EVIL.EXE to experiment with a more immersive form of recruitment. This led to animosity between Darius and members of The Family, leading to the Institute's attack on AppSir, Inc. in November 2017.

Also in November 2017, when Lilith sends her brother off to the Institute for treatment (telling her brother that his new girlfriend doesn’t appear in his selfies and thus doesn’t exist), she says to him, “If this has something to do with your brain tumor, we’ll just make it go away again, okay? You have to be strong for me. You are the only family I have left… Doc will fix you up.” It is later revealed that she knew the nature of Kara’s consciousness in her brother’s brain, but lied to him about it.

No other direct reference to The Family has been found, but it is clear they are the ones running the Rotschstein Institute, and events involving the Institute are considered to involve The Family as well.
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