Yandere Program

The Yandere Program was a division of the Rotschstein Institute. Many program details are revealed by Kia in The Other Yandere in 1999. That information was then written and sold anonymously to Darius Guerrero later that year.We also know that an unknown corporate head got a graphic demonstration of Kara's abilities at around that same time.

This program sought to create “yanderes,” biologically engineered weapons given the form of young women. They were able to infiltrate organizations more effectively. They were also programmed fall in love with a target, allowing The Family to ensure the target’s survival at any cost.

Yanderes were created and raised in a laboratory disguised as a church dormitory, where scientists were disguised as nuns. These conditions were apparently very unpleasant for the yanderes, because both Kara Gentner and Kia expressed fear and discomfort with nuns and their memories of the dormitory. It is unclear whether the yanderes’ cells were created with the same “stuff” as humans, but they did each have a real, independent consciousness, as evidenced by Kara’s consciousness being transferred to Lilith’s brother’s brain, as well as a disk of DERE.EXE.

In spite of their superior strength and genius-level intellect, the yanderes were easily controlled by the Institute, putting any yandere in a trance using certain symbols and keywords, using neuropeptides to control their emotions, and monitoring each yandere’s whereabouts. Yanderes each had a handler, as evidenced by that fact that Kia mentioned Lilith was her handler.
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